HTTPS certifikát ZDARMA / HTTPS certificate for FREE

Zabezpečení webových stránek pomocí HTTPS zcela ZDARMA

HTTPS security for your website for FREE


You can place your own servers to us, rent a virtual or dedicated server, all in air-conditioned, modern and highly secure server room. Of course there is a connection to the Internet backbone with speed of 100Mbps, as well as backup power with UPS and diesel engines.

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Ideal hosting exactly for your WWW prezentation. If you don’t choose from one of our packages, we can prepare individual variant exactly for you.

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We also offer individual email solutions without space for websites. For the option “ADVANCED” applies to our current customers who have webhosting service from us 50% off from final prices (ie. Without special discounts).

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New FREE HTTPS service

Now we offer HTTPS certificate for your domain completely FREE thanks to project Let’s Encrypt. Certificate services are integrated to our system and certificate renewal is fully automatic. You can find more informations on this address

New PHP versions

On 1/13/2016 we upgraded our webservers and thereby versions of PHP. We now offer these versions of PHP. Windows 4.4.9 5.2.17 5.3.29 5.4.45 5.5.30 5.6.16 7.0.1 Linux 5.4.45 5.5.30 5.6.16 7.0.1